Work Day Make Up!

Make up on the over 55 face.

How much effort goes into my work day make up? Not a great deal, if you choose to compare my routine to the majority of examples on view in print or your average YouTube tutorial. I tend to think, that at my age, less is more and more is way too much! So I’d share how little time and effort is required by this 57 year old, for my work day make up, or any time I go “out”! It is always the same ritual. Boring perhaps, but it works for me. And for around the home days, I correct an uneven skin tone, with a BB Cream. Just enough to feel “finished”!

Brand Favourites.

Where preferred brands are concerned, cost always, dictates my choices. I only ever repurchase products when on sale and only when I am very close to finishing what is in use. No huge backlog of items stashed away, that would, I imagine, either go off or potentially be forgotten about. How many lipsticks can you realistically use? Whilst I do currently have at least five lipsticks in my possession, I have one absolute favourite, which is the only one I’ll replace when needed. Why, because I know it suits me, I love the colour and it’s a great price.

I am reaching for my Rimmel lipstick and I am a repeat user of Maybelline under eye eraser and one of their mascaras, which are both absolutely brilliant products. They do their job! I have recently turned to the iconic Australian brand, Nude by Nature. This brand costs a little more than the others I’ve mentioned, but, when purchased during regular half price sales, are very much worth a small splurge. I’m finding their products suit me beautifully. They last and feel like a quality product, providing great coverage.

Only the Basics.

All I need to cover and camouflage, as I feel my skin needs a little help, are literally the basics. While there are a vast array of make up items to be had, from numerous colour palettes to brushes galore, I use very few items. I have three brushes, which I wash regularly, when I know I won’t be needing them, allowing them time to dry.

I use mascara, one primer, one foundation, two concealers (one face, one under eye) powder, one contour colour, blusher and lipstick. That is it! All I want to achieve with my make up application is a light coverage to downplay the obvious signs of 57 years! Acne marks, pigmentation, chicken pox scars, capillaries and dark circles. That’s all! Just a collection of life’s battle scars.

BB cream, Nude by Nature brand.

My Work Make Up. How I apply!

I shall pop in a YouTube link below, for you to show my quick and basic application process, of my work day make up. First video for me, so please be kind. If you at least get a giggle out of it, my job here is done. Basically though, I want to show, that you shouldn’t be intimidated by the thought that you must have and apply copious amounts of product. For most of us, that is neither practical or affordable.

In my first post, I stated that I feel self care is important inclusion in the life of the over 50 woman. Make up, to me, is one aspect of my self care routine. I choose to wear makeup, as it helps with my confidence and that’s a good enough reason for me.

Do you have a favourite make up item you go back to again and again? Please share your thoughts.

My basic make up video: